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Fully Integration Scorpion and Vbar Control

Fully Integration Scorpion and Vbar Control

The Scorpion Tribunus is the very first ESC that directly supports fully integration with VBar Control. This means not only telemetry functions, but setting of all relevant parameters as well. So you do not need an pc maybe apart from doing firmware updates to the device.

Not only readjusting parameters, but even complete new setups are possible soley with VBar Control and the Scorpion app now.

The complete integration even replaces the need of the U/I/Capacity Sensor, so the Tribunus can be used in combination with the battery management app without any additional effort. We recommend using our battery ID System to form a complete and fully automated battery management system.

If you use the Tribunus with integrated BEC, the wiring gets stunningly simple but with full features. Since the integration is included in the Tribunus´s firmware, only a simple adapter cable is needed and no additional hardware.

Integration Scorpion and Vbar Control, Fully Integration Scorpion and Vbar Control

If you have a fully NEO integrated Scorpion Tribunus ESC – please do the setup as following:

  • Link to the current manual from Scorpion
  • Link to a how-to-built guide for telemetry cable from Scorpion
  • Link to Scorpion – get Software, Registration and Firmware from there
  • Load the Scorpion app on your VBar Control
  • Update ESC Firmware (PL must be 40 or higher)
  • Enable VBar communication protocol in ESC with Scorpion PC Software
  • Connect the ESC completely (Master to “ESC”, Slave to “RPM”, Telemetry with adapter cable to “TELE”) to NEO
  • Select “New Heli” or “Edit Heli” wizard – or the “Setup / Governor Mode” panel. The original one has been replaced by a Scorpion Auto Setup panel.
  • the setup is done fully automatic, just set the BEC voltage.
  • depending on changes the ESC may restart when leaving the panel once
  • afterwards check gear and headspeed settings
  • that’s all! – Model and ESC are now set up for use with VBar Governor
  • For battery management we suggest using the Battery Logbook App as well as installing a Battery ID reader and the required App

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