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ARRMA OUTCAST 1/10 Scale 4S BLX Stunt Truck RTR

Loaded with legendary ARRMA toughness and speed, the 1/10 scale OUTCAST 4S BLX Stunt Truck is capable of more than simple off-road bashing. Its short 12.32 inch wheelbase allows flips and makes it easy to maneuver nimbly through obstacles and terrain.

Built on the latest evolution of the 4S BLX platform – the affordable middle ground between agile 3S BLX vehicles and bigger, more powerful 6S BLX machines – this version of the OUTCAST is ready for amped-up, all-road blasting and stunting! It turns up the dial on the stunt truck’s capabilities so anyone can experience next-level ARRMA handling, performance, and speed.

The updates drivers have wanted most are included, starting with a strengthened, diff compatible chassis. The ARRMA OUTCAST 4S BLX now has a centre diff module that holds an aluminium-cased centre differential. Whatever the surface conditions are, the centre diff helps you grab the ultimate traction. And with wishbone dirt guards, outdrive protectors, and taller side guards providing added defense against dirt and debris, the OUTCAST 4S BLX stands up to furious blasting and stunting over off-road or paved surfaces with equal ease.

ARRMA has also amped up the OUTCAST stunt truck’s 4S-capable Spektrum brushless power system for more intense all-road action. A cool-running Spektrum Firma 120A Smart V2 waterproof ESC with IC5 connectors (EC5 compatible) adds punch and improves the driving feel. Steering has been strengthened with a Spektrum S662 metal-geared digital servo that includes an alloy centre case. Its higher torque sharpens the truck’s maneuvering capabilities at high speeds.

These updates join a large number of proven ARRMA 4S BLX features – from high shock towers, long oil-filled shocks, and wide arms for plush suspension travel, to steel diff gears and EXtreme Bash CVD front and rear driveshafts for unstoppable power delivery. The OUTCAST 4S BLX also incorporates the popular ARRMA easy-access modular design to make routine maintenance fast and simple.

Made of high-quality rubber, the vented dBoots BACK-FLIP LP tyres have an aggressive tread pattern that finds a solid grip on a wide range of surfaces. The vintage truck body has a tough, injection-molded rear wing and comes factory-finished in your choice of two fresh colour schemes. Front and rear bumpers protect against impacts and a wheelie bar with rubber tyres provides stunt potential.

Everything in the durable design contributes to confident control and responsive handling for whatever eye-popping stunts you can imagine. Fully ready-to-run, the ARRMA OUTCAST 4S BLX Stunt Truck comes with a 3-channel Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz radio and dual protocol SR315 receiver. Just charge up and pop in your choice of recommended battery and you’re ready to start showing off powerful new stunts!


  • NEW Metal centre differential for increased traction
  • NEW Updated chassis with centre diff module, hinge pin bracing, and dirt drain
  • NEW Outdrive protectors, taller side guards, and wishbone dirt guards
  • NEW Higher torque Spektrum S662 metal-geared digital servo with alloy case centre
  • NEW Cooler running Spektrum Firma 120A V2 Smart ESC
  • NEW Improved battery retention system with wire clips
  • Fully assembled, finished, and ready-to-run
  • Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz transmitter and dual protocol SR315 receiver
  • Spektrum Firma 3668 2400Kv brushless motor with ARRMA heatsink and cooling fan
  • EXB all-metal gear diffs
  • EXB CVD front and rear driveshafts
  • Wide 17.72 inch front and rear track for aggressive bashing
  • Long 20.28 inch chassis for stability and control and Shorter 12.32 inch wheelbase for stunt capabilities
  • Rubber shielded bearings throughout
  • Centre support brace for maximum durability
  • Double wishbone front and rear suspension
  • Oil-filled aluminium shocks with silicone O-rings
  • High shock towers for longer travel
  • Steering system with stone clearance
  • Tough black multi-spoke wheels
  • CNC machined, red anodized 17mm wheel hubs
  • Vented multi-terrain dBoots BACK-FLIP LP low-profile tyres
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • Front bumper and protective lower front and rear skid plates
  • Wheelie bar with rubber tyres

Metal Centre Differential

All-metal EXB gear diffs give the OUTCAST 4S BLX Stunt Truck EXtreme Bash durability. An aluminium-cased centre differential has also been added that provides the ultimate traction in any surface conditions.

Increased Dirt Protection

With dirt guards for the wishbones, outdrive protectors, and taller side guards all added for extra protection against the elements, the OUTCAST 4S BLX is better prepared than ever for high-speed, all-road blasting.

Oil-Filled Shocks

Long, aluminium-bodied, oil-filled shocks with silicone O-rings are mounted on high shock towers. These plus wide suspension arms give the OUTCAST 4S BLX the plush suspension travel needed to soak up bumps.

dBoots Back-Flip LP Tyres

The durable, low-profile dBoots BACK-FLIP LP tyres with medium-compound foam inserts offer long-lasting performance and feature an aggressive tread pattern for excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces. The tyres are mounted on tough, 3.8″ MT wheels with CNC-machined, red anodized 17mm hubs.

S662 Steering Servo

The installed Spektrum S662 digital, waterproof steering servo easily handles the demands of high-speed, all-road blasting with full metal gears and high torque (236 oz-in @ 7.4V). It also features an industry-standard 25T spline servo horn.

SLT3 3-Channel Transmitter

The included Spektrum SLT3 transmitter is ergonomically designed for fatigue-free bashing and has a foam wheel for precise fingertip control. Using the throttle limiting function, new RC drivers can limit top speed to 50% or 75% of the monster truck’s full potential until they’re ready to unleash it all.

Firmal Brushless Power

The brushless power system includes an efficient Spektrum Firma 2400Kv brushless motor matched to an updated, cool-running Spektrum Firma 120A Smart V2 waterproof ESC with IC5 connectors (also compatible with EC5 connectors). The KRATON 4S BLX can reach speeds of 55+ mph with a 4S LiPo battery and optional pinion gear, available separately.