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How important is the 1st Buffer Pack?

Having a backup guard, also known as a “fail-safe” or “emergency cut-off,” is crucial for radio-controlled helicopters. Here’s why:

  1. Radio-controlled helicopters can be powerful, fast-moving machines and can be dangerous.
  2. A backup guard or 1st Buffer pack acts as a fail-safe mechanism, keeping power to the flybarless / receiver and servos in case of a malfunction of ESC/Bec of the Speed controller. Giving you enough time for a safe landing and save you some cash!
  3. Knowing that you have a backup guard installed in your RC helicopter provides peace of mind while flying. It adds an extra layer of protection and increases the overall safety of your flying experience.

It’s important to note that not all radio-controlled helicopters come with a built-in backup guard. If your helicopter doesn’t have one, you can consider purchasing a separate fail-safe device or consulting us at Hely Shop for professional advice on installation and setup.

Us at Hely Shop recommend the 1st Buffer Packs. These comes in two sizes 25F and 50F , difference in these are weight, size and time of running.

Using these are really simple. Just plug them into your spare receiver port or flybarless and they will start charging automatically while taking off and flying. In case of a emergency these will automatically keep power on to the receiver / flybarless and give approx 25-30 seconds for a safe autorotation / landing.

Here a short video of one of our Team Pilot showing the operation of the 1st Buffer packs