Fun-Key/Rotortech CFK-Rotorblade Ultimate 610mm RT-610U

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Fun-Key/Rotortech CFK-Rotorblade Ultimate 610m RT-610U

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Fun-Key/Rotortech CFK-Rotorblade Ultimate 610m RT-610U


  • Length: 610mm
  • Width: 59mm
  • Grip: >=12mm
  • Hole: 4mm
  • Airfoil: Symmetrical
  • Tip: Angled
  • Make: Carbon Fiber
  • Common Application: 3D 600-650 / 60-90 Size & Gasser RC Helicopters.
Info about Fun-Key / RotorTech Blades:
  • Rotortech tail blades are known for their Quality and performance.
  • This is also a producer of major blades as Edge, Halo, Radix, Rail Blades, Switch Blades, XBlades, DH Blades … and others.
  • Unmatched carbon fiber craftsmanship and quality.
  • Perfect spanwise and all Blades are precision balanced.

RotorTech 610mm “Ultimate” Flybarless Main Blade Set

RotorTech blades are finely crafted premium carbon fiber rotor blades from Fun-Key Aeroplane Models. RotorTech blades are designed to be an all around powerful, efficient, well rounded performance oriented blade that will suite a large majority of flight styles from simple aerobatics, F3C, and extreme 3D flight. Additionally, RotorTech blades utilize a minimal amount of paint within the mold, while still providing excellent flight visibility. By using less weight on all of their blades, weight is saved on each set which offers a small boost in performance.

After months of testing, the team at RotorTech have delivered some of the best feeling 600 sized blades available to date. Excellent stability, high collective lift, a very late stalling point and crisp agility are features of the new Ultimate blade, which have been at the forefront of design since inception. Additionally, featuring an incredible iridescently sparkling paint scheme, these blades offer a unique, new look in the sky depending on where the sun may be at any given point of the day.

All RotorTech blades are precision balanced and matched at the factory, allowing pilots to bolt on and fly any set of RotorTech blades (main or tail) to their helicopter.

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