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3S1P 11.1V 1300mAh / 30C HBP13001

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3S1P 11.1V 1300mAh / 30C HBP13001

● Specifications: 11.1V 1300mAh 14.4Wh (3S1P) 
● Support 5C charging 
● Size: 74x36.5x21mm 
● Weight: 115 g 
● take 14AWG soft silicone heat conductor, heat resistant 200 ° C Current 50A

● This high-performance, high discharge standard lithium polymer batteries, high discharge capacity model for the development of demand for commodities, and by the high discharge capacity of computer testing instruments strict selection with the composition of the Li-Polymer battery, suitable for MR25 through the machine and high power, long-lasting characteristics of professional electric model airplanes, cars, guns ... dedicated the best choice of power demand. 
● maximum sustainable discharge 30C (39A), the maximum instantaneous discharge 40C (52A), less than the nominal number C 80% normal operating temperature of about 40-65 degrees (heat), the highest resistance temperature of 80 degrees. 
● It is recommended to the nominal number of C within 80% and discharge cycle life over 100 times retain 95% efficacy, 150 times more than retain 90% efficacy (cycle life and performance due to excessive temperature rise of large current, voltage, over-discharge and cause significant recession ). Note: The high discharge capacity lithium polymer battery specifications, required the use of non-over-discharge, overcharge, temperature generated attention after full charge and discharge amount not to exceed the total capacity of 80%, to ensure the best characteristics of the battery and use a loop life, it is recommended! Be sure to use before the beginning of the implementation of the new use fully charged battery, the front and use five times only discharge the battery 50% trigger flight performance characteristics, in order to achieve optimal storage battery discharge performance, and attention to develop the habit of flying timing, or use low battery voltage can be set to protect the electronic transmission ESC (single backpressure not be less than 3.2v), pay attention to non-power shortage, to avoid the use of over-discharge and over discharge temperature have a serious impact on the high-performance characteristics of the battery . Non-direct exposure to the sun and lithium close windows or stored at room temperature more than 35 degrees charging environment temperature will cause damage or risk of bursting lithium battery can cause the battery heating phenomenon such as the large current discharge or flight after use, do not perform charging immediately , shall be cooled (about 20 minutes) to check, and then execute the charge. If not so the original requirement to use, may cause cell expansion or unexpected danger! [Do not use NiMH / NiCd Battery Chargers] To ensure safety, be sure to be in charge when the line of sight. To leave, you should remove the battery to prevent any unexpected dangers or damage.



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