Optipower Ultra Guard 430 Emergency Backup Solution OPRUS2S

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The Optipower Ultra-Guard is a simplistic back up solution for all types of model aircraft which operate off of any kind of receiver power; including BEC’s and separate RX Batteries. Each aircraft costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and over time at any given point, solder connections can deteriorate, and electronics can fail. A failure of the receiver power surely would destroy any model, and leave the pilot with an upset short day at the flying field.

Consider the Ultra-Guard an insurance policy for each of your models. Ultra-Guard is always there at the ready in the event of a voltage drop or even complete failure for your model! When plugged into any open port of the receiver, or flybarless gyro for helicopters, the Ultra-Guard is consistently monitoring input voltage, and as soon as the input voltage dips 0.5V below the original starting voltage, the Ultra-Guard is there for rescue! In a matter of milliseconds, the model is running off the backup 430mAh LiPo battery pack (at 0.5V less than input voltage), and has the ability to warn you with an external LED (optional; not required for use).

Ensures safe landing recovery control for all model flyers

optipower Ultra guard 430 is a small light weight safe smart landing system, designed to restore total back up control for a limited period thereby allowing you to land your model safely in the event of a main power failure.


  • Voltage sensing 2 to 8.2V
  • Charges and balances at up to 2C in flight
  • Universal JR connector
  • JST-XH Balance connection to main board
  • LED System Status
  • 5A continuous & 10A peak rated intermittent
  • Total weight just 40 grams
  • Also available & sold as separate part items
  • Vibration Proof flexible board
  • Automotive Industry quality components
  • Manufactured in Europe

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Optipower Ultra Guard 430 Emergency Backup Solution OPRUS2S

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