Alan Robinson


Alan as the Captain of the flight Hely-Shop team, although he has only been in the hobby a little over 3 years he is richly embedded.
He is the secretary for Eynsford model Helicopter club and has his hand in arranging visits to the events around Europe including global 3d and Rotor live.
He lives the hobby, when not flying he is working on others helis or helping them grow their knowledge to become pilots.
This year he started his journey into competitions and entered Sportmans class at Helifest and will be competing in the UK 3d championships in September.
His flying is progressing well partially thanks to his new fleet of XL Power Helicopters at present consisting of the Specter, 550 and 520 machines and the close support From Hely-Shop UK.

Welcome Aboard Alan!?

Nick Stroud


Nick is a fantastic pilot and we are really happy to support him in his progression.

He will be flying Soxos models

Welcome on board Nick! ?

Ivan Adams


While the cold has set in and most people have put there Helis away for winter Ivan Adams is still out there flying (and a little crashing) showing us how it should be done.

HelyshopUK would like to welcome Ivan to the team.

He has been flying for 5 years and all of a sudden at Helifest 2018 he appeared in intermediates and placed 2nd, he then went onto compete in 3D champs.

He has a great love of flying and his fleet consists of Align Helis, he is looking forward to next season with the podium in his sights again. He is also looking forward to flying Demos for the team.

He will be a great asset and look forward to having him fly with us for 2019

Mariusz Jastrzembski


We are pleased to announce our first new addition to the HelyshopUK flight team for 2019. Maruisz Jastrzembski has been flying seriously since 2015, this was the start of his dedication that has landed him in the pro class. He is a passionate flier and is very competition focused especially F3N. In 2016 he won sportsman and in 2017 he achieved Pro class.
Even at the ripe old age of 44 he does not see failure as an option and at present is the HelyshopUK crash test pilot on the XLPower Specter. He is very active on the sim and is always willing to help others with there flying on group sessions.
He has already been practising for the coming season and will be entering F3N, Helifest and 3D champs, we welcome him to the team and are glad to have another highly skilled pilot on the team. #helyshopuk #keeprchelisalive

Michael Platts


Hely-shop are very happy to announce their latest edition to the flight team, Michael Platts.
Michael started flying RC Helis 8 years ago with a 450 size heli, he says “within weeks he was hooked and has never looked back.” He loves not only the flying but the social side of the hobby as well.
He started competing in 2018 where he dipped his toe at 3D champs and followed that up with Helifest this year coming, a respectful 5th.
His fleet currently comprises of a Goblin Nitro, Xl Power Specter, Gaui NX4 and a Goblin Fireball.
We look forward helping and supporting Micheal progress and enjoy the hobby , especially as part of the team.

Adam Plumbridge


Time to welcome a wildcard to the team (in many ways), Adam Plumridge has been flying a very short time. It all started in January 2018 when he discovered ArchmegeAU’s tutorials on Helifreak “from tail in to all 8’s and funnels in 6 months”. So only using a sim for the first 6 months he completed the course. Then in August 2018 he purchased his first Heli and since then it has snowballed.
He is known as OXY Heli Addict on social media and hi collection backs up his nickname, owning and OXY2, OXY3, OXY4 max and the latest edition the OXY5, which he is always happy to show and share.
With the skill that he has gained and advanced manoeuvres that he is performing is an inspiration to any pilot new or old. We look forward to supporting him through his journey and look forward to him competing next year.
Welcome to the team Adam.

Richard Van Aken


After a long wait, we are overjoyed to welcome Richard Van Aken to the team.

Richard started learning to fly model helicopters 20 years ago with the ubiquitous Raptor 30. After exhausting all the spares in South Africa, he moved back to the UK to try his hand at F3C.

After a break where he took to water he returned to RC helicopters in 2013 to find almost everything had changed. Flybarless was king, electric was big, and small helicopters flew great. Starting at the bottom again, he worked his way up though through 300s, 450s, 550s up to 700s where he seems quite happy now.

In 2016 he tried his first F3N competition and has since flown in a number of them with last year’s placings being 5th in the Euro Series F3N, 5th UK F3N, 5th UK 3D Championship Champions and 2nd in the Scottish Nationals F3N.

Having flown Align models for a few years, he’s taken a break this year to evaluate the XL Power Specter 700 and is looking forward to competing next year with his new models.

We look forward to what he will, and already has brought to the team with his wealth of experience, and amazing array of skills on the sticks and a great nature to nurture the less experienced. Welcome to the Team.

Adam De-Maine


We are very happy to welcome our latest Helyshop Team Pilot, Adam De-Maine, A pilot who has flown under the radar for a long while, he has a great technical knowledge and is always there to help others with their machines and flying.
He has been flying 14 years in all disciplines, mainly a club flyer but has flown a couple of slots at Woodsprings and Long Marston. He has owned a large range of Helis from his first, the Hirobo Sceado, Raptor 50, most of the Align range, electric and nitro. SAB Goblins, Gaui’s, XLpower Spectre and the Soxo Strike 7.
He is constantly pushing himself and is looking forward to competing hopefully in the near future, his plan is to start at Helifest in October.
He will be a great asset to the team and we look forward to supporting him through his future goals.

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