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nitroxy 5, Nitroxy 5  First Nitro helicopter from Oxy Heli – Available NOW

Nitroxy 5 First Nitro helicopter from Oxy Heli – Available NOW

Here a video of a Prototype of Nitroxy 5 by Luca Invernizzi from Lynx at IRCHA

Release date: End July. Available Now here

In the first few minutes we can see one of the Oxy pilots giving some good beat to this heli. In the second part from minute 6:40 we see Luca talking about his prototype.

Luca Invernizzi from Lynx says that he loves nitro helicopters and when he started it was the only way to fly helicopters but once electric hit the market nitro helicopters kind disappeared in short time. So he decided to started working on a nitro version of oxy . Luca says it was his dream and wanted to support the nitro industry. Nitro has more challenge as you have to understand how some mechanic components work and how to tune a engine.

Nitro Helicopters is not for everyone… It has a different feel flies smoother and it’s fun however cons of them is that is a bit messy and dirty.

In the interview Luca says that the final project of Oxy 5 took him two years but Nitroxy took him one month. He used some parts from other helicopter brands for his tests and then produced his. The challenge for Luca was producing the frame as there is to take in considerations of C.O.G, vibration resistance, crash resistance, torque resistance and find a compromise with weight.

Few Oxy pilots have been involved in the nitroxy prototype tests and according to Luca his RTF weight is 3.4kg with fuel however Luca target is to reduce that to 3.3kg in the next few months with further testing and components changing. So it looks like Nitroxy 5 will be a very light with helicopter

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