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1st blades from Heli-Professional

1st blades from Heli-Professional

Introducing a new product line in the 1st brand of heli accessories from Heli-Professional.

The blade line includes 690mm and 550mm main blades along with 90mm, 105mm and 115mm tail blades.

The main blades are rigid and light weight to give excellent agility. Still maintaining a stable high-speed flight envelope and include an integrated safety wire.

While being designed for efficiency they still have a nice bark to them on quick stops and the white stripes and tips means they are nice and visible in flight.

The combination of the 1st 690 main blades and 115mm tails are a perfect match for the Strike7 but also suitable for other 700 class helis providing a premium quality blade at a wallet friendly price.

The new blades are an addition to the current 1st brand HV Brushless servos available in both full metal case and half metal case versions with more products coming soon to the 1st brand of Heli accessories from Heli-Professional

1st blades, 1st blades from Heli-Professional
Main blades 690mm
1st blades from Heli-Professional
Tail blades

Link to the 1st 690 main blades:

Credit: Soxos Australia

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