About us HELY-SHOP, About Us Hely-Shop.co.uk and their brands

About Us Hely-Shop.co.uk and their brands

Hely-Shop.co.uk started trading in 2017. After years of flying I have seen the decline of the hobby and not having much time to fly himself turned my passion for rc helicopters into a webshop focusing on RC helicopter and all the equipment that a rc helicopter needs. Hely-Shop stocks vary known brand as Align T-Rex , Sab Goblin , XLpower , Soxos , Lynx Oxy , MSH Protos , Maniax , AzurePrower , MSComposite blades , GDW and KST Servos , Scorpion , Egodrift and much more .The website is in continuous update with new products and brand. If something that you need is not there contact us and surely we will help with your needs. Our presence is on all the socials and can follow up all our news of Facebook and Instagram. all our latest products will be here: https://www.hely-shop.co.uk/ . If you have any trouble checking out through our website feel free to contanct us via email at [email protected] or our Whatsapp Platform on +447868564289